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Trust Your Intuition!

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Have You Ever Wanted to Meet Your Higher Self?
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If you ever…


Feel frustrations toward the people you care about and wish you had more patience and better communication.

Worry about the future because your financial situation is concerning and uncertain.

Replay past events in your mind wondering what you could have done differently, wishing you could go back and change things.

Daydream about your dream job or starting a business but don’t have the knowledge or resources to start today.

Wish you had more money, more time, more energy, and more excitement in your life. 

Hope that one day when you achieve your financial, personal and career goals you’ll experience peace, tranquility and freedom…

Then please listen closely to what I am about to tell you…

You’re doing things backwards. And it’s not your fault

Since birth, you were brought up into a culture and a society where you had to prove yourself to your family and friends. To work hard to earn what you want to achieve in your life. To listen to your bosses, your teachers, your governments, and your superiors.

And you weren’t really taught about kindness, compassion, generosity…

You weren’t taught about your intuitive abilities and how to tap into your highest excitement. You weren’t taught that we are multidimensional beings with access to higher realms of consciousness and knowledge… Well today is your chance to start learning about those things.

Hi, my name is Brandon. 

And about 3 years ago, I made contact with a highly advanced extraterrestrial being called “ShaKa” that wanted to share our next steps in human evolution…

He gave me the materials and blueprint for this course and asked me to put it out into the world, so that anyone who feels called to study these methods can benefit personally, but more importantly contribute to the great awakening of our planet. 

You will have the opportunity to meet ShaKa during the course, get your questions answered, and get personal guidance. 

This is a process of discovery, where you’ll learn how to tap into the highly intelligent self organizing principles of reality, allowing you to become the unparalleled very best version of yourself so you can have, be or do anything you want in this lifetime. 

Join us for a 10 week journey diving deep into the nature of reality and the mind.

ShaKa’s 10 week Becoming Superhuman Program Empowers you to:

  • Unlearn: the destructive and limiting beliefs you impose on yourself.
  • Heal: from the unconscious suffering you have experienced for years
  • Awaken: to your unlimited divine nature
  • Receive: abundance, clarity and confidence
  • Become: the source of your own happiness, bliss, and prosperity
  • Connect: with other like minded souls on the same mission as you

Stories on Purpose

A Guide to Personal Freedom and a Positive Future for Humanity

This course includes 2 main parts

1. A step by step manual, with detailed instructions and training videos

2. Live coaching and Q&A calls with Brandon and ShaKa.

You can do the course at your own pace but the recommended schedule is as follows.

Week 1: Galactic history, context setting & myth busting
Week 2: Live Q&A integration session
Week 3: Accessing and Integrating Your Highest Excitement
Week 4: Live Q&A integration sessionWeek 4: Live Q&A integration session
Week 5: Intuition & Resonant Vibration Training
Week 6: Live Q&A integration session
Week 7: The darkness experiment
Week 8: Live Q&A integration session
Week 9: Learn to fully embody the channeling state
Week 10: Live Q&A integration session

Once you get this, there’s no going back to your old life

  • What is the force that causes nature and the universe to work in perfect harmony? What’s organizing all of that ? How can I tap into it to benefit myself and others. 

  • The tools to bring yourself to deep emotional and mental peace, so you can live passionately and peacefully.

  • To be at the right place at the right time so brilliant opportunities fall into your lap


  • Discern between your intuition and your fear based concerns. 

  • Get answers to the questions like: Who am I? What is god? What does the evolution of consciousness look like expressing through me? 

  • What is the history of our planet we’ve never been told?

  • Spiritual myth busting around the law of attraction

  • The Physics of your highest excitement and how reality self organizes around you

  • The law of allowance

  • What is integration? How to heal trauma and old wounds and use them for transformation.

  • Allowing massive energy and excitement to be your day to day life experience

  • The 13 tricks of fear

  • A manual to master your ego

What’s inside?

  • 10 weeks of video lessons and transmissions spread over 5 sessions ($997 Value)
  • 6 Months of bi – weekly live Q&A / group coaching calls ($1200 Value)
  • 5 Q&A Coaching Call Recordings (Value $500)
  • Entire module on how to have your own channeling experience ($399)
  • Multiple Guided meditations and instructional videos ($399 Value)
  • An accountability partner ($297 Value)
  • Inspirational and integrative interludes between sessions ($197 Value)
  • Detailed Energy Activation Exercises ($197 Value)
  • A digital manual and notepad to keep track of your progress ($17 Value)

Mastery Bonuses

4 “Cosmic Circuits” – geometric symbols designed to trigger dormant aspects of your DNA.

Allow your consciousness to become one with the universal

Tune into the earth and be here now

Connect to the cosmic mind and download intuitive insight

Acceptance of reality as it is, to move forward without regret or anxiety

$997 Value

You’ll receive a guided meditation and breathwork video that is meant to activate each symbol within your consciousness.

$147 Value

You’ll receive a guided meditation and breathwork video that is meant to activate each symbol within your consciousness.

Limited Time Special Offer 

ShaKa has made it explicitly clear that as the people of earth are entering into the 4th density of reality, it is critical that as many people have access to all this information as possible.

So for a limited time only we are making this available to people who are committed to transforming their lives for the benefit of others

TOTAL VALUE: $5,347.00

Register Today for $599.99 OR 4 easy payments of $149.99an Enormous 90% discount from $5347 Value you can break up the investment (just select Sezzle when checking out)

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LIVE Q&A Group Calls Starting Date July 31st, 2021

TOTAL VALUE: $5,347.00

***Now you can take the course at your own pace. Study the training modules and tune in for LIVE question & answer group calls with Brandon Bozarth and ShaKa cohosted by Erai Beckmann, every other week.

You’ll have a chance to connect with fellow community members in an exclusive Becoming SuperHuman Course members group within the freedom network.

You’ll have a chance to speak directly one on one with ShaKa, Brandon Bozarth and Erai Beckmann and ask them whatever questions you have about what you’re lear


This course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you can TRY this out risk-free! If you’re not 100% satisfied at any time 30 days after completing all your course modules, let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

ShaKa (channeled by Brandon Bozarth) is a highly intelligent ExtraTerrestrial entity from 300 years in the future who has made contact with us a few years ago to provide guidance, and help unlock the next steps in our collective human evolution. 

By implementing the teachings provided in this guide, thousands of people have had strange, otherworldly experiences, as well as unparalleled levels of happiness, excitement, love and abundance.