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October 2nd 2021 – The War on Consciousness

Waking up to 9/11

October 2nd 2021

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2 reviews for October 2nd 2021 - The War on Consciousness

  1. SQuill

    It freezes at 7mins but it’s a good video I’ve seen it before, why can’t I get past the 7 min mark?!?

    • teaminfynit2

      Thank you for letting us know! We have corrected the video:-) Enjoy!

  2. SQuill

    I watched this when it came out and it was so explanatory and eye-opening for anyone who hasn’t explored deeper into 9/11 so I want to share it but can’t 🙁 It was unavailable for a long time but now it’s here, yet I can’t watch past the 7-minute mark on any of my devices on any wifi. 🙁 It just freezes and won’t load further. This series is so amazing but for some reason 😉 I can’t watch this specific video of this series and any advice on what to do or how to troubleshoot would be appreciated! Again the whole series is Divine and a great introduction to becoming aware of the darkness still lurking on our planet!

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