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Organic CBD Salve 500mg


This salve is potent powerful skin repair. For dry, cracked, eczema riddled or just the regular everyday use for skin protection product.

NON-GMO. All Natural. No Parabens. No Petroleum. No Fragrance. No Artificial Colors.

USDA ORGANIC Certification.

This salve can be used anywhere you have dry skin that needs an easy CBD soothing repair. Recently our hands have been exposed to more hand washing and hand sanitizer than ever before. We’ve found this product a refreshing and moisturizing experience for our hands. Our eldest daughter started to develop a rash on her hands from the multiple times a day they have the munchkins using hand sanitizer at school. Only a few applications of this salve helped her hands come back to normal. CBD topically is also an amazing concept.

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CBD 500mg

USDA ORGANIC certified, all natural CBD Salve from the highest quality sourced CBD on the market carried by high quality oils designed to brighten and enhance all skin types.


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