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Sleep – CBD Terpene Enhanced Tincture


“Sleep” delivers a relaxing, sedating feeling

and a restful night’s sleep.


"Sleep" delivers a relaxing, sedating and restful nights' sleep. Terpenes like a-bisabolol (Chamomile) Valencene (Oranges) Terpinolene (Apples) and myrcene from Mangoes come together in a fusion of powerful plant extracts. Sleep is when our body heals rests and rejuvenates. When our sleep is poor our lives become impacted on a sliding scale. "Sleep" is one of our most popular products because it works for everyone with few exceptions!  "Sleep" will help balance your circadian rhythms and help establish restful sleep once more. Terpenes include G-terpinene, Terpineol, Myrcene, Valencene, Linalool, Beta-pinene, Geraniol, Alpha-bisabolol, Citral, and Beta-caryophyllene.

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1500mg, 900mg


  1. Nicole

    Helps give me the best restorative, deep sleep! I notice the difference in my sleep when I don’t take it. It’s truly an incredible concoction!

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