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IT’S ON ~ The Power of Conversation

with April Chandler

Show Description

“It’s On with April Chandler” is a new live in-person talk show coming from the center leaning toward the positive side of what life has to offer featuring heart-warming success stories, while at the same time showcasing profound topics with scientists, politicians, sports people and celebrities. The show has a special public service feature that promotes civic-mindedness and special attention to children growing up in single parent families and those in the institutional state care system.

About April Chandler

April is one of those utterly extraordinary individuals who has risen above a truly difficult start in life to accomplish more than anybody could possibly have expected. Saved in her own words by a career in the Royal Navy, kept grounded by a love of competitive sport, April has gone on to build hugely successful businesses in film production in the USA, Canada and around the World,

The April Chandler Foundation, which created Wonder Camps for inner-city children to open their horizons and opportunities, and is currently directing television commercials and documentaries, producing feature films and a talk show host interviewing interesting people from around the world either on the road while filming or from her production studio in British Columbia, Canada.

She is Ambassador for Ubuntu Education, The Greg Secker Foundation and Global Angels and is a huge supporter of The Pret Foundation, Lumos and The Vegan Society. April is the Founder of Wonder Workouts, Wonder Retreats, a published Author of seven Health and Wellness books, including The Little Book of Wonder Foods and Juices, Wonder Cocktails, Wonder Life and Wonder Life ‘For Kids’. April is also a Motivational Speaker, Adventure Athlete, Wellness Activist, Philanthropist, Ex-Royal Navy Athlete and a strict vegan. April’s ethos and vision is to help as many people as possible live an amazing healthy life full of wonder through her global Wonder platform.

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