Q-Therapy ~ A Quantum Musical Experience

with DJ’s Taryn Up The Matrix & Tripping Panduh

Show Description

Q-Therapy, which stands for Quantum Therapy, is a unique multimedia musical experience created by Taryn Cervantes (DJ Taryn Up The Matrix) and her husband David Cervantes (DJ Tripping Panduh). Their purpose is to illuminate and embrace the emergence of the Quantum era through a combination of electronic music and mind-blowing visuals.

This journey from the binary age to the quantum age is difficult because it’s more than just the development of new technologies, it’s the evolution of our souls and the awakening of our consciousness. In the Quantum age, spirituality and technology are parallel to each other. It is very important to bring awareness to this inevitable relationship so that we can guarantee the protection of our God-given free will. If in the wrong hands, quantum technology will be used for total control and power but if in the right hands, humanity will truly discover its INFYNIT potential.

Taryn and David psychedelically depict this complex concept throughout their show. You will see dancing aliens, beautiful butterflies, trippy landscapes and a lot of astronauts – because we are all astronauts infinitely exploring the cosmos within!

To get in touch with DJ Taryn Up The Matrix, please email [email protected]

Meet DJ’s Taryn Up The Matrix & Tripping Panduh

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