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Shred the Veil

with Daniel and Derek

Show Description

Behind the Closed Doors of Cosmic Disclosures our hosts, Derek and Daniel, grandsons of Daniel Morris Salter-
A seminal figure in Dr. Steven Greer’s famed Disclosure Project. A group that came public in 2001 at The National Press Club in Washington DC. Inspired by their Grandfather’s storied history at the highest levels of the secret Space Industry-
“Shred the Veil” will take you where no other show can. The inside stories of a hidden history of space. A history that connects us in shocking ways, to the Cosmos itself. The people, places, and events hidden from public view. It is time for our departure. From the limits of official history. Of distorted maps. Of distorted images…into the stratosphere of one of America’s most secret histories. Through the looking glass where time, space, and history all change shape. WWIII is a war on consciousness. “Shred the Veil” is your battlefield guide. Only on Infynit.tv.

Meet Derek and Daniel

Derek and Daniel are the grandsons of Daniel Morris Salter who was a part of Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project that went to the National Press Club Hearing in Washington DC in 2001. Daniel Salter claimed to have a military security clearance 38 levels above Top Secret and came out with a book called, “Life with a Cosmos Clearance” in 2003.

Derek and Daniel have both had careers as mechanical engineers working in various industries and have both traveled to many countries throughout their normal lives in the civilian world. They have spent the past 20 years or more searching for the truth about their grandfather’s involvement in the military, his message regarding UFOs and our human interaction with advanced civilizations throughout our universe, and throughout time (past, present and future encounters).

The journey has been long but there have been many revelations, synchronicities and validations that have taken place over the years to corroborate much of the information their grandfather had spoken and written about all those years ago. And that information seems more relevant now than upon its release.

They would like to help others be prepared for the information that will inevitably be disclosed to the world in the near future. At the same time they ask that people be very careful with any official disclosure and mainstream narrative, as there has and always will be disinformation planted amongst the truth.

They believe at the end of the day it is up to all of us working together to find the truth and demand for full disclosure, as we all have a part to play in this awakening process. They are not here to convince anyone of the information shared but ask those interested to do their own research to find the answers.

Since we all have free will, we must all do our own inner work to “wake up” so that we don’t get fooled again!
The final battle is a battle for the “mind”. WWIII is not a war being fought with tanks and bombs. It’s a war on consciousness… And the most effective way to ultimately change the world for the better is by expanding our individual and collective consciousness. Because in essence “any religious teaching or scientific principle is only as strong and sound as the consciousness that created it”.




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