Shred the Veil

with Daniel and Derek

Behind the Closed Doors of Cosmic Disclosures our hosts, Derek and Daniel, grandsons of Daniel Morris Salter-
A seminal figure in Dr. Steven Greer’s famed Disclosure Project. A group that came public in 2001 at The National Press Club in Washington DC. Inspired by their Grandfather’s storied history at the highest levels of the secret Space Industry-
“Shred the Veil” will take you where no other show can. The inside stories of a hidden history of space. A history that connects us in shocking ways, to the Cosmos itself. The people, places, and events hidden from public view. It is time for our departure. From the limits of official history. Of distorted maps. Of distorted images…into the stratosphere of one of America’s most secret histories. Through the looking glass where time, space, and history all change shape. WWIII is a war on consciousness. “Shred the Veil” is your battlefield guide. Only on


Shred The Veil with Daniel and Derek: Ancient Crystal Technology: The Scientific Bridge to The Cosmos and Our Positive Future with Special Guest Elena Danaan and Dan Willis

September 19th 2022

Shred The Veil with Daniel & Derek: A Discussion of Spiritual Science

July 11th 2022

Shred The Veil with Daniel and Derek: The Early Testimonies of Daniel M. Salter

June 6th 2022

Shred The Veil with Daniel and Derek: Maegical Healing Through Plant Medicine

May 2nd 2022