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Inner Healer with Charles Clay

Topic: Heal YourSelf With The Inner-Peace Process with Special Guest Erai Beckmann 

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Wednesday | Mar 8TH, 2023


Queen Codes with Kyleigha Beckmann

Episode 1

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Tuesday | Mar 28th, 2023


The Aligned Alpha with Danny Hill

Episode 5

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Thursday | Mar 30th, 2023

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Tina Pilcher

What a great show …. I’m glad to have found a couple of new favorites to watch and learn from. Thank you for taking the time to build on this site. It’s going to be amazing.

May 7th, 2022


This is fascinating! I have been praying about how to get out of the hamster wheel and did not know where to go. Thank you ALL!

May 6th, 2022


…I love you and your commitment to sharing the truth, light, and love with the rest of us. I’m happy to be a subscriber, which is how I found you in the first place. Cool, huh?

April 17th, 2022

Tonya Larson

Wow, what a beautiful show.
I really resonated with everything they talked about. I have a strong connection with animals as well and every word that came out of Michelle’s mouth is exactly how I feel and would have said. It is sad and heartbreaking the disconnect we do have, but awareness and raising our vibration can get us to unity consciousness.
Hard topics to talk about but, they need to come to light. Love and light.

March 18th, 2022

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INFYNIT: The Worlds First gamified streaming platform where users and creators will get paid in crypto-based on engagement. We’ve created our own crypto coin: Zadkiel (ZDKL).

ZDKL can be used within INFYNIT to purchase products, donate, tip creators, or hold onto. The more ZDKL that’s purchased, the more we can invest in providing this platform for free to the world! The more content we can produce. The more we grow this platform, the more members will choose to purchase ZDKL coin and support INFYNIT. The more users, the more ZDKL purchases, and the more it’s used on INFYNIT, the higher its value! INFYNIT is dedicated to the infinite evolution of humanity.
Connect with a community of seekers and explore natural healing, spiritual awakening, investigative reports, personal development, meditation, yoga, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there LIVE shows every week?

Yes! There are several LIVE episodes weekly. You can access all the replays in the library. Being LIVE, we think, is the best. After we record a LIVE show, our team goes through the whole interview and add’s valuable resources, examples, screenshots, and more great info to help make the experience even more entertaining and informative. These improved “replays” are then available 48-72 business hours after the date of the LIVE show.

Can I access the membership site and/or watch the shows from my cell?

YES! All content is accessible from your browser on your cellphone. Stay tuned for our mobile app.

I can't log in to my account!

To login to your account, please click on “Login” in the top menu on the Infynit homepage (or type into your browser:; you will then see in the top right-hand corner “login.” Once you are “logged in,” you can watch the entire library of Infynit content.

What is ZDKL? What is a crypto currency?


How do I buy ZDKL?
In order purchase ZDKL coin, you need to have a Wallet with the correct smart chain address linked to ZDKL coins (in ERC-20 Network Ethereum Mainnet: Contract address: 0xfD487CB5D41a1D4A0B64032CffE78fA13fd87F9C or Binance Smart Chain Mainnet contract address: 0x067a9f12f737ebb62ee6bcd2f9c0b7168068bd25) and use that wallet address to receive ZDKL coin from us. We require you to send us either USDT, BTC or ETH in the amount that you want to purchase, and then we will transfer you ZDKL coin through the wallet address that you gave us.


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How do I participate in the gamification offered on INFYNIT.TV with ZDKL?

Open your INFYNIT account, and you are automatically set up to receive ZDKL G points that can be cashed out once ZDKL is officially launched (Date: Summer 2022). 

What are the rules of the game?

Standby for all details on the gamification on the platform:-)


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