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INFYNIT: A community that believes the potential for Humanity is… Infinite. The world’s first “earn for engagement” streaming and social platform, where you get paid in ZDKL for pursuing your infinite potential. Welcome to Infynit & Zadkiel Coin: a gamified prosperity economy.

ZDKL Coin. Zadkiel (ZDKL) coin is the utility token for INFYNIT

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Q-Therapy ~ A Quantum Musical Experience with DJ’s Taryn Up The Matrix & Tripping Panduh

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ReAwaken America Tour Live From Miami

Inside ReAwaken America: Candid Conversations and Event Insights

Queen Codes with Kyleigha Beckmann

Kyleigha Beckmann Discusses Mentally Breaking Away From the Enslavement System and Starting Your Own Business

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Introducing on INFYNIT.TV, i2 Financial System with Erai Beckmann

Zadkiel Coin (ZDKL)

INFYNIT: The Worlds First gamified streaming platform where users and creators will get paid in crypto-based on engagement through Zadkiel (ZDKL).

ZDKL can be used within INFYNIT to purchase products, donate/tip or hold onto. Earn ZDKLG (Zadkiel Gamification Points) for participating in the social. Learn the “Rules of the Game” here!


ZDKL Coin is a utility token that allows access to the i2 Prosperity Economy System and provides a discount on fees.

INFYNIT is a partner in the i2 Blockchain Prosperity Economy System

Media, Social, Merchant, Payment, Trade Finance, NFT Market Place, Physical Gold Storage and Tokenization, Digital Asset access, and storage solution to elevate the quality of life for humanity.

i2 Provides 100% insurance on all funds.

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INFYNIT users who qualify, will gain access to the i2 system

The i2 System is being designed for:

Easily Store Your Money
(like your bank account)
Easily Store Your Digital Assets
(like an exchange)

Peer 2 Peer Payment (An alternative to traditional fiat payment systems)

Merchant Services (Accept payment with Credit Cards on your own site via API integration)

Swap & Hold currencies in your i2 account

Tip and Donate to Creators

Send Zadkiel from your wallet to the creator you want to empower.

1. Email [email protected] the name of the creator and amount of ZDKL to tip/donate.

2. You will receive from ZDKL Team a confirmation email of the creators name and wallet address.

3. Send your ZDKL Coin

(Note: In the future this feature will become automated)

Available Plan

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  Receive Free ZDKL once you complete your social profile in Infynit Social

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$14.99 / Month

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 Access Everything From Free Account

Unlimited access to Infynit’s 1000+ pre recorded shows

 Watch Anywhere

Livestream all events

Chat with members during live events. Participate in Q&A with event speakers.

Access to full library of past events


$125.49 / Year
$10.45 / Month

  Available Through Crypto Payment Only (No Free Trial)

  Access everything from Free Account and Monthly

  12 months for the price of 9

  Access to 1 free full lenth course

Future Blockchain solutions require a relationship and trust with users and the community

INFYNIT solves key challenges faced by creators, community members & business owners. By enabling approved customers to build within our token economy, seamlessly leveraging our technology stack, and reducing difficulty and time to market for content creators who seek to create and share value leveraging the Blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there LIVE shows every week?

Yes! There are several LIVE episodes weekly. You can access all the replays in the library. Being LIVE, we think, is the best. After we record a LIVE show, our team goes through the whole interview and add’s valuable resources, examples, screenshots, and more great info to help make the experience even more entertaining and informative. These improved “replays” are then available 48-72 business hours after the date of the LIVE show.

Can I access the membership site and/or watch the shows from my cell?

YES! All content is accessible from your browser on your cellphone. Stay tuned for our mobile app.

What is ZDKL? What is a crypto currency?

Zadkiel Coin (ZDKL): the utility token for INFYNIT ( & A community with a culture believing that the Human potential is.. infinite. INFYNIT The Worlds First Gamified Streaming Platform where you get paid for engagement. In crypto! Zadkiel is the Archangel of Freedom, Justice & Forgiveness for all Humanity.

How do I buy ZDKL?
In order purchase ZDKL coin, you need to have a Wallet with the correct smart chain address linked to ZDKL coins (in ERC-20 Network Ethereum Mainnet: Contract address: 0xfD487CB5D41a1D4A0B64032CffE78fA13fd87F9C or Binance Smart Chain Mainnet contract address: 0x067a9f12f737ebb62ee6bcd2f9c0b7168068bd25) and use that wallet address to receive ZDKL coin from us. We require you to send us either USDT, BTC or ETH in the amount that you want to purchase, and then we will transfer you ZDKL coin through the wallet address that you gave us.


How do I exchange ZDKL?

Please see this list of exchanges where Zadkiel (ZDKL) coin is listed once we go LIVE:

How do I participate in the gamification offered on INFYNIT.TV with ZDKL?

Open your INFYNIT account, and you are automatically set up to receive ZDKL G points that can be cashed out once ZDKL is officially launched (Date: Summer 2022). 

How does the monetization of my content work? What is the commission structure?

When you upload content you earn a small amount of content. However, if others watch your content and LIKE and subscribe to your channel you earn the most! See gamification >>>RULES HERE<<<

How can I earn ZDKL Coin?

INFYNIT The Worlds First Gamified Streaming Platform where you get paid for engagement.

How does the affiliate program work?

Earn commissions on purchases that you refer to INFYNIT.TV! 

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