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Breath of Life

with Jose Reynoso

Show Description

In his new show, “Breath of Life,” he applies the techniques, the spiritual principles, and philosophical insights that drive his workshops. Experience more than a glimpse into his breath work sessions; Jose will illuminate your energy by taking us on an inner journey to the gold that resides within each of us, hidden beneath the pain, anger, and vision that drive our lives. Breath of Life is a time away from the chaos and uncertainty into the source that reconnects us all.

About Jose Reynoso

Life Alchemist Jose Reynoso pioneers breath work, entheogens, and mindset tools to create an internal synthesis.

He dedicated his life to traveling through remote parts of the planet to learn and integrate ancestral practices, which have enabled him to heal and remember ancient codes and memories. Jose’s passion is to select those practices and medicines that open and awaken all the ancient memories that aid us in this process of healing and illumination. The greatest gift that life has given him is to share these teachings and medicines so that You, too, can live your life with total freedom and happiness. He has been certified as a “Detoxification Specialist” with Dr. Robert Morse, and he is also certified as an Advanced Wim Hoff instructor. In his sessions and retreats, you will be able to experience a variety of techniques such as meditation, movement, diets, breathing, and cold water therapy. These practices create a context for Sacred Ancestral Medicine ceremonies that open planes of consciousness to heal, remember and evolve. Currently, he is leading global awakening experiences through his online offerings and in-person retreats: We are all one.


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