Codes of Awakening

with Jenna Ajna Love

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Codes of awakening was created with the intention to deep soul dive into the oceans of truth, the depths of the underworld, shadow realms & hidden layers of a spiritual awakening and the path of ascension.

I want to dive deep into the good, the bad & the ugly. The obstacles & challenges, trials & tribulations, the expansiveness, the activations, downloads, initiations, trigger events & catalysts that comes with the spiritual awakening experience.

We’re gonna get up close and personal as we share hearts, stories, wisdom & experiences in non judgment, vulnerability & authenticity with the hopes to uplift, inspire & activate codes of awakening within you! And more importantly to allow you to know you’re not alone on this journey & we are all walking each other home during the most incredible time of our souls existence as we leave the old paradigm, the fallen matrix, the illusion of separation and we leave a long period of darkness and enter into an age of light!

I will also be covering various topics on spirituality, ascension mechanics, healing & spiritual tools & other nuggets of wisdom that you can take with you and use on your own personal hero’s journey!

Meet your Cosmic Sister Jenna Ajna Love.

An Indigo Starseed who incarnated on Earth to be of service to humanity for the most incredible mass spiritual awakening, planetary liberation and ascension event in our universe! Jenna received the clarion call that planet earth and all the inhabitants needed assistance to be liberated from the fallen matrix within the lower frequency bands of the third dimension, and she was one of the brave ones who raised her hand and signed up for one of the biggest missions of her soul’s existence!

Jenna was “awake” her entire life and always possessed an inner knowing that no one else around her understood. Having been a part of the 2nd wave of volunteers, not too many people at that time understood her and treated her like an alien – “no pun intended”. Like most starseeds, she was the misfit and outcast who did not fit in anywhere, and had a hard time being in a human body & fitting in society. She always knew deep within her soul that she incarnated in a fallen realm and that she was on a very big mission; she even wrote about it in her journals at age 12! Jenna experienced severe homesickness and had to overcome her fair share of adversity and tribulations, but one day everything she experienced and felt her entire life all made sense.

She was reactivated into her remembrance during an out-of-body-experience when she went to the light and felt oneness with God Source beyond the ego, and her life immediately changed forever. She later also experienced an intense kundalini trigger event that brought her to another level of expansion and activation. Nothing outside of yourself can lead you to this incredible realization and connection to source than a real-life experience, and it was these spiritually enlightening trigger events that reactivated Jenna in her remembrance of her mission on earth, her starseed origins, the incredible galactic history and wisdom about the truth of our existence and her purpose to share it all with all who cross her path.

A bridge between the old world and the new, Jenna’s mission is to help restore love, unity and the Law of One back on planet Earth, while lovingly & gently hand holding all who forgot who they are and got lost in the dark. She has personally assisted hundreds of beautiful souls on their journey, helping them to restore their health and energy fields, activate their cellular knowing, heal & expand their hearts, remember who they are, their power, light and innate wisdom they already possess within them. Her nurturing, loving spirit and gentle way of teaching and healing allows everyone to feel the presence of our Divine Mother Sophia activating through her spirit and she has been called an Angel of Earth by many.

Jenna has been a full-time student of the Cosmos, studying the mechanics of ascension and ancient wisdom and working full-time on self-mastery faithfully for the last 12 years, but her whole life has been a full-time healing journey of mastery, research, reactivation and integration process of her sacred mission and highest spiritual embodiment. Jenna has dedicated every waking moment to clearing distortions within her energy bodies so she can anchor & embody the incoming light codes & Christ frequencies, acting as a conductor, transmitter, harmonizer, energetic medium and conduit of love, light, wisdom & higher frequency for our beloved earth & her inhabitants.

Jenna is a healing facilitator of high vibrational healing specializing in mind, body, soul, spirit integration using various healing modalities such as etheric energy clearing & energy work, Aura clearing, pranic breath work, sacred sound, shadow work and integration, health, wellness and nutrition with a focus on the light body and ascension diet and spiritual mentoring. She is also an energetic medium, ascension educator, intuitive empath, clairsentient, medicine woman, wisdom keeper, midwife of the spirit who uses her sacred gifts to assist others on their spiritual life path, helping them to remember their own divinity, power and sovereignty. Additionally, Jenna is a musician, singer, songwriter, dancer, designer and artist who once rocked the third dimension in her music career but walked away from a major record deal because she refused to sell her soul to the devil. God had other plans for her!

Jenna walks a path of full devotion alongside of her Sacred Partner and Twin Flame, both in full dedication to divine union with self and each other, serving God Source, the Law of One and the Krystic path in alignment to the frequency of unconditional love, truth, light, integrity, honour, respect, spiritual morals, principles and ethics and unity consciousness, offering herself in full service to others as a spiritual steward on earth.

The true healer & Wayshower of God has had firsthand experience with the darkness and the Divine – they have been to hell, to heaven and everywhere in-between, and understands the true alchemy of the spiritual journey from the physical reality to the ethers and has given their lives fully as a conduit of God Source energy. Jenna Ajna Love hopes you will join her on the ascent back to the kingdom of Heaven on Earth as we all walk each other back home.

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