Conscious Evolution: The Next Steps For Humanity

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“Join Erai Beckmann, Kyleigha Beckmann or Joel ‘AVRG’” on their investigative discovery journey as we interview contributors in a LIVE setting! This unique format gives us all a chance to connect LIVE, ask the HARD questions & get answers!

Learn with other like-minded, truth-seeking conscious individuals without fear of judgment or censorship.

This is a private community, opening the path for our contributors to share openly.”

Webinar Topics will change every week include (& not limited to):

  Suppressed Technology and Classified Projects
   Aliens… Do they live among us?How to communicate with Aliens. How to use your ESP.
  Alien Medical Technology. What exists today and how can I use it?
  Where can we access it?
  What does the future have for new medical breakthroughs?
  Why is it suppressed?
  Where can you go to get treatments?
  What relation does this have on the impact of our longevity?
  What is Autologous Cell Therapy?
  Do ETs have similar body somatotypes as humans?
  What is gene hacking? Why is it important?
  How long has ungoverned gene hacking been going on?
  What’s coming!!!??Revolutionary ET/ Alien Technology, the future is here. = How long have UFOs been landing on Earth?
  How long have we had access to Alien Technology?
  How does it affect our world today.
  How does it affect me individually?
  1st Contact- How to connect with our Alien friends. Things to watch out for, do and avoid.
  How can humans prepare to be amongst the stars?
  Are all ETs inter-dimensional?

Erai Beckmann

Investigative Journalist For The Light – Co-Host – Content Curator

Erai Beckmann is a passionate seeker of the truth. Erai has been interested in exploring the un-known since childhood. He would read all the mythology he could get his hands on, Greek, Native American, Norse, Indian, Asian etc.. He LOVED fantasy fiction, he read all 13 of the OZ books, everything from C.S Lewis and Tolkein. He then started searching out UFO’s once the internet started picking up speed. Watch everything he could find. Went to Sedona made friends with David Sereda and watched some of his stuff. Erai has also had his own personal experiences related to elite circles, UFO’s, and secret information. Erai became a fan of GAIA’s cosmic disclosure watching David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Emery Smith. Erai and Emery met in the fall of 2019 and a friendship very quickly emerged. Conscious Vitality has quickly become an INCREDIBLE community that Erai is grateful to be a part of. In an effort to participate in the great awakening as a digital solider Erai has created a NEW show of his own: Strange Theories: Exploring the unknown with an open mind. Erai is excited to go further into conspiracy theories, UFO and other information typically only found on the deep web. This will give Erai an opportunity to interview other insiders, who wish to come forward and disclose on each of these topics. Erai will be interviewing and hosting, experts and well known personalities in each of these topics he’ll be sharing on this new show. We’re excited to build this community with EACH of you together! Be Well Your Friend & Fellow Light Worker Erai Beckmann

Kyleigha Beckmann

Investigative Journalist For The Light – Co-Host – Content Curator

As a successful international child performer of dance & music, I experienced life’s pressures of stress & conformity at an early age. Living the “fast life” led to poor diet choices to maintain certain deadlines that are the cost of performing arts. Eventually, this led to being seriously ill for weeks, months of uncertainty and eventually…feeling lost.

Then just before entering my 20s I had an awakening… a connection of mind, body, and soul. A connection so powerful, it completely changed my life.

And so it began! My life as a “ truth seeker” …investigative journalist/reporter for the Light. A light that has been guiding me daily for years to dig deep, ask hard questions, and research everything I eat, drink breathe, and put in or on my body. I eliminated all processed foods/drinks/vitamins/medicines from my diet, even my skin care! After all, skin is the body‘s largest organ and perhaps most forgotten?!

Fast forward 15 years. I am proud to say that I AM A successful wife, mother, entrepreneur, and Brand Ambassador for my own Organic SkinCare Line called Conscious Botanicals, CBD Essential Oil Skin Care. Not only do I feel energetic and fabulous both mentally and physically, but leveling up to a conscious lifestyle has enabled me to create a community for Conscious living. Our Infynit Community is a safe place for like-minded people to share their thoughts and experiences through community that not only offers & supports healthy organic lifestyles to feed their bodies and minds, but a community that connects you with products and visionaries to assist you in becoming your best self!

I feel compelled to support others. To connect people from around the world who want to live consciously in peace and harmony. I’m able to provide this through my research and experience, as well as the connection I’ve made with myself in the spiritual world. It is my wish to continue to help others who may feel lost, confused, alone… Perhaps even “unconscious”… to find their light, their truths, YOUR CONSCIOUS VITALITY!


Associate Producer, and Infynit “in-house” researcher, Co-Host. AVRJ (“Average”) Network Director, Video Producer, Co-Host, Investigative Journalist

From Ancient Astronaut Theorist to Disclosure researcher, I’ve been a dedicated truth warrior searching for answers. As an Infynit member turned employee, I’ve been honored to continue my research while inspiring curiosity in our great community. Through my work at the network, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Military Veterans/ Intelligence Officers/ Agents/ Contractors, Doctors, Censored Journalists, Disclosure Filmmakers, Journalists and many more. My passions include: Alien/ ET/ UFO Research, Global Conspiracies, Next Generation Tech, and our Future World.

Secret Space Force, the dream show I helped create, is the gift I hope to leave behind. It’s a home for prospective Secret Space Program personnel to share their life stories and thoughts on the world of disclosure. The show is meant to open people minds to the possibilities that might lie blindly in-front of us.

I will always try to be the AVRJ person assuming humbleness, curiosity and positive vibes as we tackle mind bending concepts. It’s an honor to help share information with my fellow truth seekers!