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INFYNIT Premium Exclusive Preview
Digital Asset Trading 2023: Episode 1 preview “17.94% Gain”

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Episode 2 Preview: 39% Gain (Dec 2023 – Feb 13th, 2024)
Episode 1 Preview: 17.94% Gain (October 2023)

Total Buy
OCT 5th 2023


Total Receive
OCT 24th 2023




October Month Profit Increase Percentage


“Welcome to a brief preview release of the Premium Digital Asset Trading Segment, exclusively available on Infynit.tv. We have planned an educational series (please note that we do not provide financial advice) featuring exclusive market analysis, market commentary and trading insights with our digital asset market research partners, presented by Erai Beckmann. The results of these live trades will be posted as they occur. Below, you will find an example of live trades, commentary, and profits from October Episode 1 of the Premium Digital Asset Trading Segment presented by Erai Beckmann.”

Purchasing Order History (October 5th, 2023)

Selling Order History (October 24th, 2023)

October Trading Summary


Buying Amount: 0.0005 BTC

Buy at (Price): 27,686.9 USDT
Total: 13.8794 USDT

Buying Amount: 0.038 BTC

Buy at (Price): 27,672.0 USDT
Total: 1,054.2699936 USDT

Selling Amount: 0.0385 BTC

Buy at (Price): 34,402.3 USDT
Total: 1,319.00200509 USDT

Price Increase Percentage: 24.32%


Buying Amount: 0.3 ETH

Buy at (Price): 1,646.17 USDT
Total: 495.13501260 USDT

Selling Amount: 0.3 ETH

Buy at (Price): 1,820.13 USDT
Total: 546.0390 USDT

Price Increase Percentage: 10.71%


Buying Amount: 180 MATIC

Buy at (Price): 0.5618 USDT
Total: 101.3869224 USDT

Selling Amount: 180 MATIC

Buy at (Price): 0.6466 USDT
Total: 116.08539120 USDT

Price Increase Percentage: 15.09%


Buying Amount: 2.35 LTC

Buy at (Price): 64.7874 USDT
Total: 152.64626101 USDT

Selling Amount: 2.35 LTC

Buy at (Price): 69.8 USDT
Total: 163.603522 USDT

Price Increase Percentage: 7.74%

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