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The Google Whistleblower

An Interview With Zach Vorhies

Show Description

Zach realized that if he were to unveil evidence and the facts that he had to the world not only would he be ruining his career. In personal private conversations with him directly he shared he genuinely thought there was also a chance he could be assassinated for coming out with his information.
So what did he do? He decided to do the right thing and share it with the world.
Make sure to tune in to the Saturdays mornings exclusive interview as you’re not gonna want to miss the information he has to share, and the evidence from within Google that shows for a fact, who and how Google has been censoring the world.

About Zack Vorhies

Zach Vorhies was a Senior Software Engineer at YouTube/Google for 8.5 years. He has been involved with the following software products:

  • Google Earth
  • YouTube for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.

While working at YouTube, he learned that Google was censoring “fake news”. and investigated further into the company, only to find that not only had Google defined “fake news” to mean actual events that had happened, but also had created an artificial intelligence system to classify all available data to Google Search. The reason Google wanted to classify data was so that this could be used by their artificial intelligence system to re-erank the entire internet acording to Google’s corporate cultural values.
In June 2019, he resigned from Google. He took with him 950+ pages of Google’s internal documents and delivered them to the Department of Justic, and through Project Veritas, to inform the public and Google’s extensive censorship system.


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