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Inner Healer

with Charles Clay

Show Description

Awaken Your Inner-Healer

From chronic pain, to so-called incurable diseases, and suffering from generational wounds that have been passed down throughout history, YOU have the intelligence and power already within you to heal.

Instead of using TV to “tune out” this show will help you TUNE IN to your infinite power to heal yourSelf. Join us and Awaken Your Inner-Healer.

About Charles Clay

I am an Inner Peace Coach, Dynamic Speaker, Published Author, and the Founder of Freedom From Pain Coaching. Throughout my career, I’ve always been able to see the greatness and potential in others even if they don’t see it themselves. Through emotional intelligence, and powerful Self-Healing practices, my goal is to guide you to step into your most empowered Self sharing your unique gifts, talents and passions with the world and eliminating the resistance and fear in the way.

After earning my Kinesiology degree from Washington State University, I experienced a devastating back injury while snowboarding. Despite my doctor’s orders to undergo spinal surgery, I chose to follow my intuition and began my journey to self-healing. On this journey, I experienced a spiritual awakening that led me to discover the power of ancient healing practices, Neurokinetic Therapy, and Eastern philosophy. Integrated with modern-day science, this path allowed me to achieve optimal healing. Following my recovery, I was compelled to dedicate my time and expertise to support others in transforming their pain into purpose. Through my self-healing and self-mastery practices, I make this journey both fun and powerful by helping you overcome complex challenges with practical modalities that give you lasting results.

My journey from tragedy to triumph combined with extensive experience in the healing arts has allowed me to offer a series of results-driven coaching programs. Each is designed to unlock your potential, eliminate self-doubt and help you get clear on your path as you move toward a more peaceful and intentional life. Together, we will move through fear and let go of resistance to activate your zone of genius and empower you to lead a life with purpose.


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