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Interstellar Disclosure

Show Description

Interstellar Disclosure is a new sci-fi discovery adventure series on INFYNIT.tv. Follow along as we interview researchers, scientists, and adventurers as they explore the mysteries of the universe. After a series of strange events have occurred on Earth, is there a global conspiracy waiting to be revealed? Is there more out there waiting to be discovered? Is now the time we will together discover the existence of extraterrestrial life and explore the truth about its potential to make drastic changes to our world? Watch Interstellar Disclosure and together we will venture out into the great unknown and maybe we’ll discover advanced technologies, and other species “ancient” or “extra” terrestrial. We’ll investigate and maybe even learn how to make contact with alien species from unknown galaxies. We’ll uncover ancient records that may already speak to these other “beings” and the technology they might have had. Technologies perhaps that were used right here on Earth by our ancient ancestors, and may still be today, in secret by our world’s military, governments, and private corporations.

Sounds fun right?!? Well, that’s what this show is all about, keeping an open mind, having fun on the journey, and seeing if together we make new discoveries that expand upon the infinite potential of Humanity.


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