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Jax: Warriors of Truth

Jax welcomes you to share in her extraordinary journey into Light Language. Allow the Master Frequencies to course through your light body and activate your channel to receive New Codes. The delicate and flowing song and wisdom of Light Language will flow through and from you, connecting you to a most profound experience. We all have an Inner Voice”, but have did you know you also possess a Language of Light within your being? Join Jax as she moves into a vortex of healing truths and infinite wisdom, and ushers in New Soul Codes. Ignite the Light of Language within and reconnect with a part of your Self that is full of love and support. So much awaits you, and Light Language is ready to lead your way.

About Jax:

“Clair-sentient & light language proficient woo woo warrior woman.” That’s how Jax Emilio Robinson describes herself. Since one auspicious day in October 2019, when she was struck with a lightning jolt of metamorphic energy, Jax has been activating the intuitive super powers of millions of light workers around the world, assisting them to experience lives of Abundance, Impact and Truth. Jax provides Creation of Awaken Ceremonies & Retreats, at which she serves as an activator of light codes dormant in DNA and cellular memory. She is a passionate freedom keeper of the wisdom that courses through your very own vessel and connection with your higher self.

“I teach Entrepeneurial Light Workers how to create & execute innovative & integral business concepts,” says Jax. “I will remind you of your warrior essence…I am devoted to the ignition of your divine gifts.”


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