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Mindfull Creations

with Chef Ashlie Serna

Chef Ashlie Morgan embarked on her journey right after high school, delving into the realms of fitness and nutrition with aspirations of becoming a personal trainer. Dissatisfied with the limited information available in the nutrition field, she delved deeper into self-directed studies on food and health. Through rigorous reading, research, and personal experimentation with various elimination diets, she sought the lifestyle conducive to optimal health.

A life-altering accident left her bedridden for six months, followed by over a year of intense rehabilitation to regain mobility. Uncertain of her physical capabilities moving forward, Ashlie took matters into her own hands, leveraging her understanding of food to expedite her healing journey from within. It was during this period of recovery that she discovered her true passion for culinary arts.

Now, Chef Ashlie Morgan boasts eight years of experience as an artistic and intuitive gourmet chef, having curated over 100 retreats and events. With a focus on quality and wellness, she crafts custom, vibrant meals infused with intentionality. Her fervor lies in enlightening others about the significance of mindfulness in the kitchen, advocating for whole foods as both medicine and pleasure.

Specializing in gourmet raw food, dieta, and plant-based cuisine, Ashlie offers classes, retreats, and private training sessions. Fusing her artistic flair, culinary expertise, and commitment to health, she travels globally, orchestrating unique dining experiences for transformational retreats, celebrities, and events in exotic locales like Bali, Ireland, and London.

Currently, Ashlie is channeling her creativity into several exciting ventures, including the upcoming release of her cookbook, the establishment of a new international chef retreat company, and the development of a cooking show, among other ventures that ignite her passions.

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