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Pandemic Proof LIVE

Dr. Ross Andersen DC/ND

Show Description

This is the alternative health show they don’t want you to see. So that means you should watch it! Dr. Ross Andersen shares his 50+ years of experience and weighs in on the current challenges we face today as society, and provides solutions. Currently, Dr. Ross is a world leading expert on live blood analysis, but his experience in Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Naturopathic and real time muscle testing make him a unique and valuable practitioner. Dr. Ross will be confronting mind expanding controversial topics. On this show we’ll have case studies, breaking developments in health studies and guests ranging from EMF specialists, light workers, Doctors and scientists from all walks of the health world and beyond! All this and more, uncensored.

About Dr. Andersen

Dr. Ross Andersen has worked in Natural Health for over 50 years. His experience traverses over 23 modalities and is on the cutting edge of Live Blood Analysis, Ozone, and Browns Gas therapies. Having examined over 4500 samples, Dr. Ross Andersen is a sought out expert all around the world. An experienced lecturer, Dr. Ross is known for his teachings in muscle testing, EMF protection and advanced energy medicine. While retired from Practicing Osteopathy and Chiropractic officially, Ross is a tireless practitioner and currently runs a consulting clinic for live blood analysis in Mexico with his beloved wife Maureen.


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