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The Aligned Alpha

with Danny Hill

Show Description

The Aligned Alpha is a Brand of movement that will motivate you to evolve into or reclaim the man you are meant to be, bridging the gap between physical and emotional or Masculine and Feminine. A warrior and protector but also gentle and compassionate. It’s time to bring men back into alignment where it’s not only safe to but it’s your duty for the future generations to see what a true man is. It starts here and now. Breaking the cycle and taking off the mask, showing up as your truth and stepping back into your power. Welcome to your journey of becoming An Aligned Alpha!

About Danny Hill

Danny Hill is the creator of The Aligned Alpha Brand and is a Men’s Empowerment Coach and Mentor for those looking to become the man they were always designed to be.

With 14 years previous experience as a Firefighter/EMT, SWAT Medic, and a private Security Contractor he knows how to not only handle trauma but also how to heal from it.

He specializes in helping men of the world become the greatest versions of themselves through mindset work, sacred communication and emotional intelligence expansion.


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