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Shred The Veil with Daniel & Derek: Maegical Healing Through Plant Medicine

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1 review for Shred The Veil with Daniel & Derek: Maegical Healing Through Plant Medicine

  1. Freedom

    I really loved this deep dive into psylocibin and ajuwaska as healing medicine. This couple is just phenomenal!
    I have to admit that I’m kind of scared to even think of using ajuwaska because of the videos I’ve seen about the purging etc. Which I know is not a way to decide things as everybody’s body is different and might need different sizes etc. to heal. Just last weekend I tried magic mushroom tea that I made with 0.6 grams in it. I grind the dried mushrooms and sift it out after steeping it. Added some ginger and honey and u must admit it tasted great.
    So after finishing it I was just dancing and having a great time but it never really kicked in. I didn’t feel any different than usual. I’m a very happy positive person by nature. My husband believes I didn’t notice much of anything because I drank the tea after dinner. So it makes sense that because my body was digesting my fuss it would have probably released the pshylocibin slowly and that’s why I didn’t notice it. I will have to try it again without eating right before the tea. But again I want to start slow and not just dive in with 1 gram right away.
    Thank you all so much for this interview. I’m very grateful for all the shared knowledge 🙏💕💫✨

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